Terens Smith

I was in Philly attending my school reunion. I made a B line from the Airport (..& the car rental place…) to Lees Hoagie House in Abington!!! I wanted to remember when I lived in Philly eating a hoagie from Lees on Cheltenham(..closed in 2012..). I had a delicious hoagie, the Cheltenham Hoagie!!!. It was heavenly. I had som HERRs CHIPS with it. Got to my hotel room(.. in Ft Washington..) turned on the TV and enjoyed my hoagie!! It was SO delicious!!! OMG!!! It’s STILL the best!!!

Steven E.

Always the Best Tasting Hoagie !!!! 1st thing I want, when ever I get to Philly!!!! My other favorite place to eat is Lee’s in Mount Laurel !! So I guess , I will just have to keep eating at both !!!!!!!!