Voting In Hoagie Shops

Voting in Hoagie and Cheesesteak Shops in Philadelphia and Bucks County

Some of the weird locations of polling places across the U.S. for Election Day have us scratching our heads.

Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly summed it up best when searching for a polling place in Philadelphia:

We have to agree ― who wants to vote on an empty stomach?

Check out more weird polling places below:

  • Jim Young / Reuters
    A voter leaves Daisy’s Hair Studio after casting her ballot in the U.S. presidential election in Chicago, Illinois, on Nov. 8.
  • Scott Morgan / Reuters
    Voters cast ballots during the U.S. presidential election in a farm shed near Nevada, Iowa, on Nov. 8.
    Voters cast ballots at Su Nueva Lavaderia Laundromat in the 2016 presidential elections in Chicago, Illinois, on Nov. 8.
  • David McNew/Getty Images
    People vote at the Los Angeles Lifeguard station at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California, on Nov. 8.
  • Mike Blake / Reuters
    People cast their ballots at a neighborhood grocery store during voting in the 2016 presidential election in National City, California, on Nov. 8.
  • Charles Mostoller / Reuters
    A voter casts his ballot inside the garage of Chobert Decorators during the U.S. presidential election in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 8.

via – Huffington Post